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The Rose Charity

White Hill Commercials have been closely involved with The Rose of Charity Orphanage since November 2018.

The Rose of Charity Orphanage is based in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It was founded by Sima Moyo in response to the growing number of children orphaned, for many different reasons on the streets of Victoria Falls.

Sima began by feeding the street children from her own home, using her own savings, three days a week and taking them to church. Her work was soon recognised by the national media and she founded The Rose of Charity Orphanage. 

Over the years the orphanage has grown, as the number of children needing help increased. Year on Year they are making improvements to the orphanage, thanks to the hard work of Sima and the helpers and the supporters they have worldwide. All the children attend school.

White Hill Commercials were introduced to Sima and The Rose of  Charity in 2018. We collected various gifts, toys, clothes and games, with the help of some of our friends and in December 2018 we sent the children a large box for Christmas.

In February 2019 The Rose of Charity raised enough funds to be able to drill a borehole. This was going to be the start of great things. Enough water to sustain their land and water for the goats and chickens which they have on their land.

This was the start of our close relationship with Sima and The Rose of Charity. We spoke with Sima, discussing how we could improve the children’s future.We helped with funds for the children’s school fees, managing to send them all to school for the year 2019 and 2020.

Once the borehole was completed. The next step was to purchase a water storage tank, solar panels and a pump, with the help of other supporters and ourselves these were all obtained. The last piece of equipment needed was to install the irrigation pipes in the garden. White Hill Commercials worked closely with Sima to purchase these and the garden project was up and running.

The garden has been producing a whole range of vegetables and fruits since the summer of 2019. Harvest was very successful again throughout 2020. This has made a vast difference to the children’s diets, ensuring they are getting the nutritional support they require. The food harvested has been fantastic. The staff at The Rose of Charity work tirelessly to provide for the children, their achievements in 2019 have been amazing.

The Rose of Charity also work closely with girls in the rural regions of Monde and Sizanda. The project called ‘ Believe in Girls’ goes out to these areas talking to the girls about a variety of topics, including health, hygiene and personal achievement. They offer counselling sessions for the girls who have major issues to discuss.

We have been able to send the children Christmas boxes in 2019 and 2020, with new clothes, colouring books, pencils and games. 

White Hill Commercials are looking forward to continuing our support. We have been discussing this years projects with Sima. Work is underway to build a pre school for the younger children. We are planning on funding the children’s school fees for 2021, and helping with the purchase of school uniforms.

Work will continue on the garden, crops are still being harvested. The work that Sima and all her helpers do at The Rose of Charity is amazing, their achievements this year in such a short period of time have been fantastic.

White Hill Commercials are proud to be a part of the children's lives at The Rose of Charity Orphanage.