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CCTV Policy


White Hill Commercials Ltd operates a CCTV system which has 24 hour recording in progress. This CCTV system records images only no audio recordings take place.



CCTV systems are used to:

Assist in the identification and prosecution of any offenders

Assist to prevent crimes taking place

Monitor the security of all the companies premises



Cameras are located throughout the site in strategic places. Covering the entrance and exit point, all storage areas, office buildings and all the boundaries of the premises, to detect any possible intrusions from any point of the property. All cameras are positioned to give clear images of any intruders.

No cameras focus on any toilet facilities within the premises.

Cameras are visible (with the exception of any that may be used for covert recording)

Appropriate signs are prominently and clearly displayed so that employees, customers and visitors are aware they are entering an area that is covered by CCTV

Guard Dogs are present on site when the premises are closed to customers and visitors Appropriate signs are prominently and clearly displayed so that any intruders are aware they are entering an area that is patrolled by guard dogs



All our CCTV equipment records 24 hours a day throughout the year

Systems are maintained regularly, and have a back up mode so that they still operate in the event of a power failure or they are switched off

All images are clear enough to be used for identification purposes

Images are viewed on a daily basis

The system operates on a loop recycling process, no images are stored on the system for more than one month.

If images are being used by law enforcement agencies for crime purposes they may be held for longer than one month, until the issue is resolved

If any of the equipment is disposed of for replacement, all images will be erased before disposal takes place



Access and viewing of CCTV images on a daily basis is restricted to the directors of White Hill Commercials Ltd

They are only disclosed for purposes for which they are originally collected for, theft and identification purposes. Ensuring that rights of individuals are retained.

Images and recording equipment are all held in secure locations throughout the premises

Disclosure of images to third parties will be only made in accordance with the purposes which the system is used for – limited to as below:

Police and Law Enforcement Agencies if required for assistance to identify a crime or identify possible intruders. May also be used to identify witnesses and victims

Relevant Legal Representatives

Directors of White Hill Commercials Ltd

Prosecution agencies such as Crown Prosecution Services

Individuals whose images are recorded and retained (unless disclosure would prejudice detection or prevention of a suspected crime or apprehension of offenders)



This would only take place if there were specific grounds for the directors of White Hill Commercials Ltd to suspect that there are any malpractices or criminal activity on the premises, and informing the individuals concerned would prevent detection of the criminal activity. Once the specific investigation had ceased covert recording would cease and images would be destroyed once the appropriate action had been taken.



We will comply with all the General Data Protection Regulations

We will follow the code of practice set out by the Informations Commissioner on the operation of CCTV